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Siroquant for XRD 

Welcome to  Siroquant has been the premier tool for Rietveld Quantitative XRD analysis for the last 25 years.  Used by hundreds of customers around the world, it is the ultimate tool for fast, accurate and easy quantitative XRD analysis.

Siroquant Versions

SQ Light
Siroquant light is our entry level Version of Siroquant for Basic quantification.
The same powerful refinement engine as other Siroquant versions, perfrect for use with portable instruments or QPA beginners.
SQ Classic
SQ Classic is our standard version of Siroquant.  Powerful analysis options, comprehensive reporting and options are ideal for heavy users requiring the best in Quantitive Phase Analysis.
SQ Premium

The ultimate tool for Rietveld Quantitative Phase Analysis.

Designed for heavy users who process large numbers of samples,

SQ Premium provides powerful batch tools, advanced HKL editing capabilties, and 


We offer comprehensive training programs which can be customized to the users requirements, including all aspects of XRD if required...

Analysis Services

We also offer an analysis service for users who need verification of their work, overflow resource if the lab is too busy.  This can include running the scans on our system or interpretation only.  

Siroquant API

We also offer a comprehensive Siroquant API that can be integrated in users software systems for completely automated solutions.


Your analysis and performance of SQ is incredibly excellent.

Lingfei Zhang M.Sc
X-Ray Technician
Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal.


Ready to find out more?

If you're ready to find out more, contact us to arrange a demonstration.  Qualified users can also request a free trial to see how easy and powerful Siroquant is for themselves.

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