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Siroquant Applications 


Siroquant is known world wide for it's clay analysis capabilities.  Regularly placing on the podium in the Reynolds cup, Siroquant is renowed for it's clay capabilities.

With a built in claypack of observed HKLs, as well as HKL editing capabalities, Siroquant provides easiest, and most powerful clay analsysis capabilities on the makret today.


Siroquant has a library of over xxx common cement phases and is used by cement factories throughout the world.  With cement experts available to help consult and setup your applications.


Siroquant extensive built in mineral database includes most common minerals analysed in mining and exporation.  Customers are currently using Siroquant in the following applications:

  • Iron Ore

  • Bauxite

  • Limestone

  • Hydrothermally altered minerals in mineral exploration

  • Deleterious minerals such as sulphates, sulphides, zeolites etc in aggregates

Oil Exploration and Mudlogging

XRD provides key information when exploring for oil.  With Siroquant, users can quickly and easily quantify the rocks the drillers are going through to get instant feedback and help make decisions to reduce wasted drilling time.


Through SiPhase, users can easily add and quantify any compound they have crystal structure data for.  Siroquant can then easily quantify samples for research and quality control purposes.

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