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Why choose Siroquant

01.  Experience

Siroquant was one of the first commerical Rietveld packages on the market.  With over 30 years of experience with XRD and Rietveld, we are the experts in XRD quantitative analysis.

02.  Database Included

Siroquant includes a comprehensive mineral database, with the V4 database including over 1800 different phases.  For most applications, analysis can be done with the phases in the database.  This means no searching for CIF files or having to import external databases.

03.  Easy to use

Siroquant is easy to ue.  The user interface was designed so that anyone can get up and running using Siroquant with basic training.  No need for a PhD or other advanced degree, Siroquant's intuitive interface allows for anyone to master Rietveld analysis.

04.  Training to suit your needs

We offer online training resources, as well as comprehensive manuals and builtin help to assist if you get stuck.  We can also offer extensive training options, and run regular user workshops and seminars to allow you to meet and interact with other users.

05.  Used Worldwide

Trusted by experts in the field.  Siroquant is used throughout the world by companies including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, James Hardy, CSIRO, Holcim Cement, Weatherford and Schlumberger.

06.  Accepted by Academics

Siroquant is used by academics and researchers from all over the world.  It is currently used at universities and research institutions in over 40 countries around the world.  From cements to minerals to coal to clays, Siroquant is the go-to for Rietveld analysis.

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