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Siroquant v5 Software

Siroquant is a commercal software product for easy quantitative phase analysis using the Rietveld method.  Designed for commercial applications, with ease of use in mind, it is the friendliest, most intuitive Rietveld package available on the market.

Featuring a comprehensive database, powerful tools for productivity, advanced analytical functions and extensive reporting options, Siroquant is perfect for users of all levels.

SQ Screen capture general.png

Comprehensive Database

Siroquant features a comprehensive mineral database containing the most used phases for quantitative phase analysis.  Coupled with SiPhase for addition of SiPhase files, Siroquant can cover all of your QPA requirements.

SQ Phase database.png

Powerful productivity

Siroquant comes with powerful batch processing to allow users to process large numbers of samples quickly and with efficiently.

Results are presented in a able and users can easily see a summary fit of the Chi   to see what samples need extra attention.


Unrivalled clay fitting

Siroquant's claypack provides the best and most flexible clay fitting on the market.

Siroquant observed HKLs allow fitting of complex interlayered clays that can't be achieved by other programs.

The HKL Editor* allows editing of HKLs by users of all levels to ensure that the best possible fit can be achieved.

That Siroquant has been used, and placed in the top 3 in several Reynolds cups shows how it is one of the best Software packages for XRD Clay analysis on the market. 

Siroquant Versions Explained

Built in Database

Over 1800 phases
Configurable user interface with user selectable theme

Refinement Limits

Additional phases via HKL


SiPhase – CIF File reader
Shape functions
Amorphous Content – Internal Standard

Amorphous Content – External Standard

Composition back calculation

Refinement History

Long Results

Brindley Trials

Contrast correction

Batch processing

Prepare HKL

Crystallite Size

Background Refinements

Single refinement algorithm
Single refinement algorithm
Two refinement algorithms
Background subtraction

Tube Artefacts

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