Siroquant V4

Siroquant V4 is the current version of Siroquant Rietveld Software.  Designed for commercial applications, with ease of use in mind, it is the friendliest, most intuitive Rietveld package available on the market.  

Users can usually get up and running within hours, and no coding skills are required to run the program.

Some of the key features of Siroquant include:

  • Standard-less quantitative phase analysis of  any mineral

  • Instrument independant -  supports scans from almost all instruments on the market today.

  • Supports preferred orientation, amorphicity, anomalous dispersion and absorption contrast corrections

  • Uses the full-profile Rietveld method for refining shapes

  • Supports more than 1800 common mineral phases (full list below)

  • Supports minerals with no crystal structure data

  • Supports claypack phases

  • Ability support additional minerals on demand

  • Batch processing for dealing with large batches of samples

  • Customizalbe Refinement limits to prevent over-refinement of parameters

  • Customizable reporting formats