SQ Features



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SQ Features

 General Features

  • Standard-less quantitative phase analysis of  any mineral
  • Supports preferred orientation, amorphicity, anomalous dispersion and absorption contrast corrections
  • Uses the full-profile Rietveld method for refining shapes
  • Well adopted by many industries with over twenty years of extensive testing with many industry mixtures.
  • Supports more than 1800 common mineral phases
  • Supports minerals with no crystal structure data
  • Supports claypack phases
  • Ability support additional minerals on demand


SQ V4 Features at a Glance!

User friendly interface with tree navigation and dock-able panels

Siroquant was re-designed with a user-friendly graphical user interface considering the ease of use and flexibility of content organizing based on individual preferences. New user interface provides the flexibility of analyzing multiple scans making it easy to compare each other.







Batch Mode Analysis of several Scans with Batch summary and detailed reports

Siroquant is now capable of handling multiple scans as batches based on a template task enabling the refinement.  Batch execution results in result summary highlighting significant result records.







Customizable reports with Charts, tables, rich texts, MS Word and MS excel

Siroquant produces reports with result tables, charts and other content in several formats including MS Word and Excel. All the reports are based on templates which are fully configurable using MS Office package.







Ability to Analyze Multiple Task files together

Siroquant possesses the ability to handle multiple scans together so that inputs and outputs are comparatively observed by the users.








Highly Configurable Refinement Parameters.

In Siroquant user is privileged using highly configurable parameter s with user-defined limits.












Extensive use of charts with support for Zoom functions.

In Siroquant supports multiple chart types to visualize the results with various customizations.








Supports all propriety scan files

Siroquant supports all the types of propriety scan files which make value to the end user immensely.


Results with Normalized Chi-squared values

Siroquant provides normalized chi-squared values for better reasoning by end user.


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