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SQ History

The idea behind Siroquant first developed in the 1970's.  See below for some of the historical moments in the SQ history.

  • Mid 70’s: John Taylor (JT) reads Hugo Rietveld’s paper on XRD pattern refinement.
  • During the 70’s: John Taylor writes code to refine XRD data for study of zeolites within CSIRO Coal and Energy. The program is intended as an internal software package for CSIRO.
  • In around 1987 John has developed a command line interface to run Rietveld refinement and demonstrates this to Sietronics who sees the potential. Ian Browne names Siroquant as a derivation of CSIRO and Quantitative software. Sietronics develops the Siroquant code as a command line program to run refinements. An early application developed is the cement industry for quantification of clinker material.
  • 1992/1993: Sietronics starts development of Siroquant for Windows Version 1– Matthew Thornhill develops the base VB code. Small database of around 100 phases inbuilt.
  • 1994: Sietronics continues development of software and version 2.0 of program released with more modern graphics and the clay package. Inbuilt phase database of around 300 phases.
  • 1997: Sietronics releases Version 2.5 with 400 phases in database(?), background refinement, XRF comparison capability
  • 2006: Sietronics releases Version 3 with completely overhauled interface and integrated database.
  • 2010: SiPhase is released to allow users to add phases to the Siroquant database from CIF files.
  • 2010: Work on version 4.0 commences, including a completely new users interface, productivity features as well as new clays.

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